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Evolving Humanity through Smart Clothing

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Sensors Hidden in the Fabric

Through our patented knitting techniques of smart textiles, we’ve designed a comfortable and washable smart garments that can seamlessly and accurately detect signals from your body 24/7.

Heart Rate

ECG sensors track your heart rate and much more.

Activity Tracking

Our interchangeable module measures your movements and posture more accurately at the waist.

Sleep Tracking

Track your sleep cycle and learn how to optimize it.

Haptic Notifications

Wake up at an ideal time with a gentle buzz, and receive nudges to help you achieve your goals.

Ultimate Comfort

Comfortable, supportive and moisture-wicking premium underwear.


Understand how your breathing patterns fluctuate throughout the day.


Our module holds within it, a sensor that can detect changes in your skin with 0.5-degree accuracy.


See how much better you feel with improved posture. *bra only

Hydration & Body Fat

Monitor your water intake levels and how your sweat affects your hydration.

EMI Shielding

Silver knit into the fabric protects your assets from radiation.


SKIIN Companion App

What do you want to get out of bio-tracking? Want to be more active? Sleep better? Feel calmer? The SKIIN app experience is designed around your personal objectives; allowing you to choose your focus, track your progress, and adjust automatically to your body signals. We also believe in the importance of friends and family for support and motivation in life. SKIIN connects you with your friends and family like never before, to share experiences and to help each other achieve goals.

The SKIIN Lifestyle

Get ready for the most versatile, comprehensive and comfortable wearable experience possible. SKIIN is designed to fit into your existing lifestyle – and enhance it.

As an early user of our product, you will enjoy the following benefits of the underwear and app – with more exciting functionality to come!

We are constantly looking for feedback and ideas from our community – if you have any thoughts or opinions about SKIIN that you would like to share with us, simply email at [email protected]

Sleep Better

Optimize Your Sleep Cycles – The first step to improving your sleep is understanding it. Using SKIIN, you can comfortably and accurately track time spent in light, deep and REM sleep, and restless time.

Discover Your Sleep Position – Track time spent in various sleeping positions. Whether you’re a back, side or stomach sleeper, it’s important to understand this so you can optimize your sleep.

Circadian-based Notifications – Feel refreshed in the morning by waking up at the most efficient time. Data shows that waking up during light sleep results in you feeling fresh. SKIIN’s built-in vibration alarm helps you accomplish this.

Take Control of Your Stress

Become Self-Aware – Understand your state-of-mind on a gradient from calm to stressed. Sync SKIIN with your calendar to help avoid activities that stress you out, and practice activities that calm you down.

Build Healthy Habits – When it senses stress, SKIIN will reach out to you, ask you to perform a breathing exercise and then measure if you’re doing it correctly.

Stress Management – Auto-log and link stress events to time/ location and get personalized recommendations on how to reduce stress.

Connect Your Home

Adjust living environment – SKIIN can detect your biorhythms and create your personalized ambiance. By simply wearing SKIIN, your Nest® thermostat will adjust to your temperature, your Philips Hue lights will change according to your mood, a calming Spotify playlist will come on when you’re stressed. These are just a few of the ways that SKIIN can interact with the devices that you already have in your home.

Always on authentication – Through secure biometric authentication, SKIIN can help you to unlock your door, laptop, smartphone and many other electronic devices.

Accurate Activity Tracking

Metrics for Peak Performance – SKIIN’s ECG sensor allows us to extract key metrics – such as HRV, resting HR, peak HR, and HR recovery time – which can be used to optimize your workouts.

Holistic View of Activity – Get a holistic view of your daily activity. Beyond just steps and calories, SKIIN measures your position, sedentary time, state-of-mind and much more!

Mental Performance – SKIIN can give you insights into your state-of-mind so that you can reach your peak performance level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I put my underwear in the washing machine?

Yes. SKIIN underwear can be machine washed. Just make sure to remove the module from the waistband beforehand to ensure it will continue to function as expected.

2. How long does the battery last?

The battery was built to last 48 hours in metrics mode (24 hours in raw data mode) so that you can collect data throughout an entire day.

3. What are some safeguards that can be implemented to protect the user’s data and privacy?

To protect your privacy, all biometric data is anonymized – it is stored according to a user’s numeric user ID, and is stored privately and securely on a separate server from your profile/identity. When a 3rd party app you’ve downloaded wishes to access your biometric data, we use a technology called OAuth 2.0. Using OAuth means you never share your login credentials (i.e. email and password) with a 3rd party app, and instead simply grant them limited access to small subset of your biometric data. As the owner of your own data, you may revoke this access at any time.

4. Is it safe to have electronics in my underwear?

Yes. We use a wireless communication technology called Bluetooth low energy. It emits energy approximately 1000 times lower than your cell phone or a typical wi-fi router. Plus, SKIIN underwear & bras have EMI Shielding to protect your assets from radiation.

5. Do you have an API?

We are in the process of developing our API and will make it available to developers in the very near future.

6. How accurate is your data?

The data that we monitor and collect is comparable to some of the best medical grade testing and sensing devices out there. For example, we are collecting high-quality ECG, similar to ones used by doctors. Machine learning algorithms allow us to interpret and use this data in unprecedented ways.